• Marley Bug

    March Pet of the Month: Marley Bug

    Mar 03 2015

    Meet Marley Bug! She’s a wonderful new addition to the neighborhood: Hi! My name is Marley Bug! I’m a 15 year young, blind, border collie mix girl. My mom was…

  • kazikselina

    February Pets of the Month: Kazik and Selina

    Feb 02 2015

    Read all about the wonderful Kazik and Selina, our featured pets for February: “My name is Kazik, and I’m the older brother. I ended up with my parents when a…

  • Hemmy-collage

    January Pet of the Month: Hemmy

    Jan 05 2015

    Meet Hemmy, a big sweetie with a giant heart: Hi, My name is Hemmy. I am a Great Dane. I am so excited to have been chosen for January’s pet…

  • Slinky

    December Pet of the Month: Slinky

    Dec 01 2014

    We are pleased to introduce you to Slinky, our featured pet for December. He is a recently diagnosed diabetic, but that really hasn’t slowed him down! Here’s Slinky’s story: It seems that…

  • JazzFreeman

    November Pet of the Month: Jazz

    Oct 28 2014

    Meet Jazz, our Pet of the Month in November. Here is the beautiful story of how Jazz and his owner found one another: In 2005, I had the honor of…

  • Pet-Age-Chart

    Discounts in November: Senior Wellness Program

    Oct 27 2014

    Is Your Pet a Senior? It may be time for a Senior Wellness Screening November is Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month. In honor of that, We are making November all about senior…

  • Taco-collage

    October Pet of the Month: Taco

    Oct 02 2014

    Just in time for Halloween, it’s a black cat named Taco. Here is his amazing (but scary) story, told by his owner Alice: I found a little black kitten in…

  • MillieRuthJackson

    September Pets of the Month: Millie Ruth and Jackson

    Sep 03 2014

    Jackson and Millie Ruth are popular patients at EAAC. These adorable pets have a loving owner and a great story to tell: Jackson was once a “clinic cat” but wanted…

  • apollovenus

    August Pets of the Month: Apollo & Venus

    Aug 04 2014

    We couldn’t resist choosing these adorable Miniature Schnauzers to be the featured pets for August. Read all about Venus and Apollo in their “own” words: Hi everyone, I’m Venus and this…

  • gunneredited

    July Pet of the Month: Gunner

    Jul 09 2014

    We are pleased to start featuring a pet of the month again after a bit of a hiatus! Gunner is July’s pet of the month. Gunner is a 7 year…