November Pet of the Month: Jazz

By October 28, 2014 December 29th, 2014 Pets of the Month

Meet Jazz, our Pet of the Month in November. Here is the beautiful story of how Jazz and his owner found one another:

In 2005, I had the honor of caring for my mother’s dog Quila after her passing; Quila passed one year to the day of her passing. Quila’s passing was so heart breaking that I swore I would never have another pet.


Jazz was originally a rescue dog. In 2006 a friend of mine said that an elderly lady who had lost her eyesight needed a home for her dog because she could not care for him anymore. At first I told my friend NO; then a week went by and my friend came back over and said that the dog he had told me about would be put down in three days because the owner had no choice but to take Jazz to the county shelter. I felt so bad but still insisted that I simply could not go through losing another pet. He (my friend) simply said OK and started to walk away. It was at that moment I heard a faint cry from his truck and asked him if that was the dog. My friend said “it’s Jazz, I took him from the shelter for a ride so that he could play in the park and run in the grass before he was put down.” He said he was just hoping that I would change my mind. Well, I took one look at Jazz and thought “forgive me God” and I brought Jazz home.


I can’t put into words what Jazz has done for my health and happiness. I think Jazz ended up saving me that day and I’m so grateful to my friend. Blessings come in all forms and my pet is mine. I would encourage people to have a pet because they do make all the difference in the world. In, closing I want to also say that my sweet Jazz could not be healthy on just love alone. I have got the most awesome veterinarian that any owner could ask for. East Atlanta Animal Clinic understands how much everyone loves their pets and shows that same love for Jazz every time we have an appointment 🙂


Thank You East Atlanta Animal Clinic, you have kept Jazz health and happy!


– Crystal

Thank you Crystal, for sharing this touching story with the world. We are so thrilled to have you and Jazz part of our family at EAAC!