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March Pet of the Month: Marley Bug

By March 3, 2015 Pets of the Month

Meet Marley Bug! She’s a wonderful new addition to the neighborhood:

Hi! My name is Marley Bug! I’m a 15 year young, blind, border collie mix girl. My mom was found as a stray in Candler Park right off Clifton. I was the runt of a litter of 8. We all had a reunion for our first birthday which was lots of fun!! I had a best friend named Maverick but he passed at 18 years old. I miss him very much, but we still play in my dreams.
I loved running crazy eights, and chasing squirrelly, squirrels… but when I was 11 I developed Glaucoma in my left eye. My mom and dad gave me drops for about a year until I lost my sight. The Dr. said it would be best to remove the eye, then no more pain. They were right!! And I think it made me even more adorable! Kinda looked like I was winking at everybody┬á­čśë

About a year later, I developed Glaucoma in my other eye — the Doc said that was fairly normal… So again we did the drops, etc. And it was time to take out the other eye. This was such a difficult decision for my mom and dad, but I had already lost my sight, so it was actually safer to remove my eye than take a chance of poking it into something.
As you can see, I still have the most expressive face!! And don’t think for a minute that I can’t see you… I even know to look at the camera and smile when Mom and Dad watch me on our security video!!!

Mom calls me her little Rumba — you know, like the automatic vacuum, when I bump into something, I just bounce off in another direction! I love to run in big circles, and look forward to meeting all our new neighbors in EAV !! I especially love all my new friends at East Atlanta Animal Clinic- they were so kind and gentle and they even got on the floor with me so I didn’t have to get on a scary exam table.

We’ve been living up in a East Cobb, but I’m a city girl so I convinced my family to move back Intown. I’ve come full circle and live right near Clifton only now on the south side! Home Again! Can’t wait to meet you all!!

– Marley Bug, as told to her mom Mindy


  • sara fera says:

    A beautiful story about a great family. Mindy &:Johnny and their dogs Maverick and Marley. They’ve shared tons of visits to the dog park and now they are loving their new home in East Atlanta. Their new vet has made it a seamless move for Marley. She is happy and settled in at her new home. Love and happiness to you all. Mom

  • Suey says:

    Loved blesses you both are to have marley and he to have you.i know the new house is wonderful.i miss you both.suey