Pets of the Month: Ben and Wiley

By August 6, 2015 Pets of the Month

Meet Ben and Wiley, our featured pets for August!

My name is Ben, and I’ve been living with my owners since I was a stray dog that got hit by a car in front of their house eight years ago. I have a lot of medical issues, and I’m afraid of going outside, but I’m a very sweet dog. In fact, I was named after Gentle Ben the bear from the 1960s TV show. (During the winter when my coat gets really shaggy, I look kind of like a bear…) My best friend is Wiley, whom my owners adopted as a feral kitten. Like me, she is grateful to have a comfy home, and would be happy never to go outside again. Nobody knows what kind of dog I am or exactly how old I am, and I like the enigmatic allure that creates. Plus, as my owners say, “Everybody loves the Ben dog.”

Ben the Dog, as told to his owner Chris