During routine visits to our clinic, the veterinarian will check your pet’s teeth and gums for periodontal disease, masses, or other problems of the oral cavity at every visit. We will make recommendations about professional dental cleanings/periodontal treatments as needed.

At EAAC, we perform routine dental cleanings as well as advanced periodontal treatments. Digital dental radiographs are performed during all dental cleanings and periodontal treatments. We also perform some types of oral surgery when needed, such as surgical tooth extractions. We perform these procedures using state-of-the-art dental and anesthesia monitoring equipment.

Note that home dental care is essential in maintaining the health of both cats and dogs. Your pet’s teeth should be brushed daily if possible. Some pets will not allow their owners to brush their teeth. For those pets, we can make recommendations for supplements and dental chews to help with dental care.

It is best to get your pet accustomed to daily teeth brushing when they are very young. They are more likely to accept it as part of their routine. Never use human toothpaste to brush your pet’s teeth. Pet toothpaste is available is a variety of flavors and is safer and more palatable for your pet.