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February Pets of the Month: Kazik and Selina

By February 2, 2015 Pets of the Month

Read all about the wonderful Kazik and Selina, our featured pets for February:

“My name is Kazik, and I’m the older brother. I ended up with my parents when a breeder decided that I’m ‘not a show dog quality.’ Since I was a puppy, I always had enough energy to split among 10 dogs. So when I was 3, I got a sister, Selina to keep me company. Her breeder also thought that she’s not good enough for a show dog, and that she has behavioral issues. So, we took training sessions with the whole family, and now she’s just a little shy at first, but when she warms up to people she’s almost as cuddly as I am. I think that my sis likes me, she follows me everywhere when we are outside. Oh, and we love to play together! But sometimes we have little too much fun, and we eat things we shouldn’t or play too hard. That’s when we go to see our good friends at East Atlanta Animal Clinic. They’re so loving and take such a good care of us that sometimes we do things we shouldn’t just to see them (don’t tell mama)! You should go visit them too!!!

“As I got older, my joints started to hurt, and I did not like to play or move as much. But then my friend Dr. Ringstrom prescribed me yummy tablets that taste like liver and during my visits she puts little funny needles in me. The tables are Dasuquin – I know, I thought the same, you want me to eat sequins?! But they’re good! The procedure is called acupuncture. I was a bit scared of it at first, but it doesn’t hurt at all! Now, I feel good again and enjoy my walks and playtime!

“P.S. I think that we’re not good for show dogs cause we are ‘show stoppers’ (that’s what mama says), and I think that people don’t like when the show stops.”

– Kazik, as told to his owner Joanna