May Pet of the Month: Barkley

By May 5, 2015 Pets of the Month
barkley adorable dog pet of the month

Meet Barkley, a big adorable sweetheart and staff favorite hare at EAAC:

Hello, my name is Barkley, but I will also answer to Barkles, Bubbas, Barkle-potamus and Barks & Recreation. I am a seven year old American Bulldog. This nomination for pet of the month is extra special for me, because just four short years ago I was abandoned and somehow trekked from North Carolina to Georgia. I ended up at the Gwinnett County Shelter and they took care of me for about 30 long days. Thank goodness my family found me before it was too late. I had some broken teeth and a couple tumors but the wonderful vets at East Atlanta Animal Clinic fixed me up in no time!

Life is so much better now that I am with my new family. I would not define myself as active, but it’s always nice to have options. I spend most of my time sleeping or covertly trying to climb onto the furniture. Naps on the couch or arm chair are the BEST! I like to eat, go on walks and meet people with their pups in our neighborhood. Now, I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I’ve been told by complete strangers that I am quite “handsome.” That never gets old. Some folks are a little alarmed when they first meet me, mainly because of my gigantic head, but they quickly realize I am a lover, not a fighter. Did I mention that I like to eat? I was recently diagnosed with food-motivated-ness. Treats get me moving.

It’s pretty obvious my family loves me because they wrote a few songs about me, they let me sleep in the bed on special occasions (the woman is a blanket-hog) and they even named their bar after me! Hopefully I will see you all in the park soon!

Love, Barkley (as told to his mom, Kristin)





  • Dianne Sheehan says:

    Barkley’s qualities include being a loving granddog. He’s learned how to tug at a grandmother’s heart with his quiet mournful look, knowing his expression will earn him serious petting and attention. He’s irresistible!

  • Mindy fera says:

    What an awesome Boy!! Me and Marley Bug hope to meet you all soon!! Rescues are the best!